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Life Coaching Retreats for Women
Life Coaching is the process of moving forward in your life through setting goals, achieving them and being inspired to keep them alive. Life coaching offers a non-judgmental and dynamic relationship in which you take control of your destiny and discover who you are through your values, passions and goals. Take this opportunity to explore your full potential and follow your dreams through one of our women's retreats!

At Mind Over Mountains, we understand that life can take many unpredictable twists and turns. At times, you may even feel stuck, not knowing what lies ahead or where to go. A Life Coach is trained to ask powerful questions that facilitate soul searching and honest answers that come from within you. Our women's coaches give you genuine feedback and share intuitions without giving advice. We believe that our clients are creative, resourceful and whole – and don’t need to be “fixed.”  We challenge you to dig a little deeper, to empower your unique character and to claim your talents and purpose.

Trained at the Coaches Training Institute www.thecoaches.com our women's coaches design a unique “co-active” alliance with you. This relationship is based on what you want and who you want to be. All sessions are centered around your goals and your agenda. Our coaches are trained to use a variety of skills and tools that can be used to move towards a fulfilling and satisfied life.

Mind Over Mountains Life Coaching retreats for women help you to:

  • Make important decisions
  • Create a vision and plan for what is next
  • Find balance and ease in your life
  • Unlock your gifts, talents and potential
  • Have more fulfillment, joy and success

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Mind Over Mountains Life coaching retreats for women are unique because we incorporate Life Coaching both during and after the retreat experience. We appreciate that a significant life experience can be difficult to keep alive once you immerse yourself into your normal routine at home. To keep you connected with your vision, we offer two free follow-up coaching sessions as part of your retreat package. You may then choose to hire one of our Certified Life Coaches for women, as part of your on-going journey.

Explore life's possibilities with life coaching for women!